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"Lynda was out photographer for our October wedding, we had a small private wedding at our friend’s farm. Lynda was very professional and attentive for the whole process up to the wedding and on the wedding day, which erupted into carious as our minister was 2 hours late. We did an hourly pay with Lynda and she was willing to stay past her schedule time slot, (by many hours) to make sure we had photos. With the minister being late we were unable to do couple photos on this beautiful farm since it was dark and the lighting was not working.( we waited to do couple photos until after we were married). Lynda immediately was willing to come out the next morning before a party she had to go, to do photos for us at the farm so we would have the best phots possible. On top of taking photos on the day Lynda helped me keep my cool and I felt I could rely on her for some support too which was a huge added bonus. Her Photos came out amazing and I am still shocked to this day how beautiful they came out. Her photography exceeded all my expectations! We are constantly getting praised about how beautiful our wedding photos came out. Lynda’s experience and ability to think fast on her feet truly had an impact on our day. I could not be any happier with the quality of our photos I am so proud they are what we will have for the rest of our life to charice." Amanda C

"LS Photography went above and beyond our expectations for our wedding. We provided her several photos we wanted and she not only made sure to take all of them for us but also added some FANTASTIC ideas of her own. She also helped to make sure my family was where they needed to be to help expedite the time involved. We LOVED LS Photography so much, she also shot my sons newborn photos which I get to treasure all my photos/memories for a lifetime thanks to Lynda!" Jessica L

Megan Bittinger reviewed LS Photography — 5 star ·

Lynda Smith you have a way about you that after the entire day with you I feel like your family. I loved how helpful, organized and devoted you were to us this last 6 months. Lynda lives about 45 mins to a hour away from me she drove here on her day off so she could time and familiarize herself with the church, venue and area we would be taking pictures. This way the day of the wedding she wouldn't be lost and have to call and bother the bride, groom or whom ever on the day of. She's always one step ahead!

She has a good eye with picture backgrounds and works so hard to get you the pictures and poses you want. She's organized.. every Pinterest picture I pinned ( I had a lot) was printed, not only printed but organized to where it would be taken (church, castle and venue) and when in order. She experienced.. She knows what to expect and what to avoid. She has many many helpful tips for pictures and even planning your wedding so it will all go smooth. Her timeline is spot on and if she takes a little longer with the bride in the morning she has a second shooter to go start the grooms pictures so no one is waiting or letting herself get behind or miss any moments of your day. She's prepared... Lynda showed up early and left late. The next day my husband and I were amazed at how hard she worked! She never stopped all night! Id catch a glimpse of her throughout the night and she was always busy. Sometimes i would see her standing on a chair behind the head table to get the perfect angle or on the dance floor cheering on the kids taking pictures. She travels with her own lighting and backup camera. This is awesome for outside pictures as well as inside the because of shadows from the sun, venue lighting ect. I wouldn't of thought to ask about this when I was looking for a photographer but we used it a lot. I was happy we had it! I can seriously go on for days!

I loved her so much she's a sweetheart she will do anything it takes to get what you want and I promise you won't regret anything by choosing LS photography!! Do yourself a favor call her today! Thank you Lynda! -Megan & Ken

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